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Providing you with the best quality and experience possible.

Goldsmith Studio

Custom Design 

Make your vision come to life with custom jewelry. 

It is so much more than swapping a stone or a setting, custom jewelry is helping you create the piece you will enjoy for a lifetime and can’t wait to pass down



Into every jewelry life a little damage will fall.  Our expert jewelers can repair anything from a  broken chain to a loose stone to a damaged heirloom.  Trust us to take care of your jewelry like it was our own. 

Fine Ring Appraisal
Jewelry Appraisal
Jeweler Tools


Whether looking for an appraisal for tax or insurances purposes or looking to resell an item, you can trust our qualified professional to examine and give you an accurate dollar-value for your pieces.  We look at both quality of the precious metals and gems along with the construction.  We will offer you a clear explanation and a definitive value.  

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